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Sur les traces d'Alto, pour ne pas laisser leur histoire mourir avec eux !
In the tracks of Alto, not to let their story die with them !

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United States Ship Corsica
Carte de la Corse avec Alto indiqué

The second stela was unveiled in Folelli, but that time it was for the 57th Fighter group "first in the Blue" (the Blue was the name given to desert of Lybia), situated in Alto (Fium' Altu). This group went to Corsica with Curtiss and then changed for P47 Thunderbolt. There was three squadrons, the 64th FS Black Scorpio, the 65th FS Fighting Cock and the 66th Exterminator.

This65th FG conducted the French Groups Lafayette, Dauphiné and Navarre. A William Wyler's movie was shooted in Corsica during the Strangle Operation from march to june 1944. It's showing the P47 in action when leaving Corsica. This movie is titled "Thunderbolt". Jean-Miche Casanova and Dominique Taddei went to Maxwell AFB-Alabama. Dominique looked for medium bombers. Jean-Michel looked for fighters. Allex Durastanti researched for Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Britannics.

On March 6th, 1998, 43 former 57th Fighter Group men and their families were present at Folelli, Corsica for the unveiling of this plaque. The master of ceremonies was Jean Michel Casanova. The French "LaFayette" squadron and the 64th (Black Scorpions), 65th (Fighting Cocks) and 66th (Exterminators) fighter squadrons of the 57th fighter group were stationed at Alto, Corsica in 1944. They all flew the P-47 Thunderbolt.

Ten years later we are preparing the D-Day of Alto, still in the Casinca's school, planed on friday, 23th may 2008 with three American former pilots of the 66th squadron present.

This site was carried out by the 3rd A of Casinca's school pupils throw a project in Technology. It's entitled : "On the tracks of Alto, not to leave their story dying with them"



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Project carried out by the 3rdA of Casinca's school pupils (2007-2008 school year) "On the tracks of Alto, not to leave their story dying with them"

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