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Déplacement du 57th Fighter Group du 16/09/1942 au 05/05/1945

Période sur la Base d’Alto : du 24 mars 1944 au 17 septembre 1944

Cool headed pilot Joe Angelone, and his hair raising adventures. Way to go Joe!

66th Fighter Squadron Joe Angelone’s P-47 #71 « Toots » at Grosseto Italy, 1944.

This picture of « My New 71 » was taken on Corsica at Alto Air Base. This was the same airplane as the one in the photo at Grosseto, with me leaning on the landing gear, in September 1944. We had my armament mech’s nick name, « LIL ABNER » on the starboard side. His name was Homer Duchon, and he had a striking resemblance to a well known newspaper cartoon character of that name. He was also a great man to take care of my guns. They always worked to the last round.

Exposition d’épaves sous-marines de la WWII

Exposition d’épaves sous-marines au Musée de Bastia sur le thème de la Seconde guerre mondiale.

Du 15 mai au 15 juin 2012 – Photos de Stephan Le Gallais